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Pixelite Realms is a 2D pixel rpg and retro platformer with realms, toons and loot to discover! 

Aeons ago the Castle Dark Pixel was ruled by the ruler of all evil... Maloc. Maloc fooled the people by branding the build of a new castle named 'Dark Pixel' as a new shopping mall. The castle was build right on the good citizens of Pixelite's doorstep. The  Pixelite's who lived in the shadow of the castle quickly fell to the evil forces and all hope seemed lost. That is until some brave toons of Pixelite stood up to Maloc and his minions to serve them their eviction notices. The battle begins as the realm of good people of Pixelite has been overrun by the forces of evil. Your quest to own the MightiestToons and Epicest loot is about to begin! 

Use your skills to explore the Realm of Pixelite for loot and upgrades. 

You’re on an adventurous quest to explore and discover the Realm of Pixelite, to find loots and powerful upgrades. The Pixelite Realms are invaded by deadly enemies, so you have to show your best 2D platformer skills in order to overcome them and save the good people. Explore the beautiful realms and have fun in this endless pixel rpg game!

Powerful enemies have invaded the Realms of Pixelite. Use your fighting skills to slay as many enemies as you can and be the hero that saves the good people in these realms. Avoid dangerous traps, defeat menacing opponents, collect loot and discover hidden secret areas in the coolest adventure platform game!

Play this addictive pixel rpg arcade platform and complete as stages, quests, and challenging levels. Fight the enemies and collect loot in order to progress through levels. You can play at your own pace, there are almost no limits how many times you can enter a level. Find and collect loot, unlock new realms, weapons, and toons for your quests.

Upgrade the abilities of your toons and enjoy the opportunity to win daily rewards and prizes. Pixelite Realms lets you embark on a never-ending pixel rpg retro platformer game play full of challenging battles and awesome features. Use the intuitive on-screen controls to play and have hours of fun playing this crazy addictive adventure platform games!

Complete daily quests and receive loot for your trouble. Open daily prize chests; defeat ten enemies; or complete three rooms. It's all in a days work in the realm. Check back daily to do it all again!

Upgrade your toons faster by using the marketplace in a free to play environment using in game currency. Purchase toon tokens or trade your unwanted loot in the marketplace.

- Explore realms in 2D platformer style with rpg elements
- Play at your own pace (almost no limits how many times you can enter a level)
- Presented in a retro, pixel art environment
- Find & collect epic loot
- Upgrade your toons to improve their abilities
- Unlock realms, weapons & toons
- Evade dangerous traps
- Discover hidden secret areas & push walls
- Win daily rewards & quests
- Encounter & battle powerful enemies
- Made by an Indie developer
- Totally free to play platform game
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Pixelite Realms is a pleasurable pixel rpg/platformer game with epic loot to discover!
Get it today for FREE and enjoy!

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just so you know, your game is under entertainment apps on the apple app store, when I assume it should be under games. I imagine that this has and would make it more difficult for people to find your game, my self included. I thought you might want to know since it would probably help with exposure if it were listed properly..btw I look forward to playing your game later today on my ipad.

Thank you very much for the info, it is now changed to games. Hope you enjoy playing! there is an iOS update pending also which should be available in a day or so.